Thursday, July 16, 2015

Recuerdos Favoritos--Favorite Moments

July 17, 2015

Our trip is complete, but our experience is far from over. We have lived out our dreams and experienced a part of the world most of us have never seen. On our last day in Peru, we dined together and reminisced on our favorite moments from the trip. We were even lucky enough to “Share a Coke with Oscar” as we shared our favorite memories.

“Playing tag with the students at Panticalle.” -Hannah Duque
“Exploring Machu Picchu and getting to look out over the Andes.” –Michelle Heuer
“Sitting next to the Andean girls in the van on the way to the Panticalle school.” –Katie Nuss
“My favorite moment was our last day in Lima, before heading to Cusco, where we had time to relax and enjoy the sunshine after being under gray skies all week. I enjoyed laying in the “Love Park” and wading out into the ocean during the sunset. Everyone was in good spirits and spending time with each other was nice.” –Cathryn Taylor
 “My favorite memory was when a stranger on the street came up to me and asked me where I was from. I told her the U.S and she said, “No, what race are you?” I told her I was African American and she reached up and squeezed my hair, smiled really big and told me I’m beautiful and may God bless me! Our group then crossed the street but I could see the woman still smiling and waving at me!” –Sian McNeary
“Climbing up the ‘hard part’ of Machu Picchu!” –Jodi Adams
 “Trekking down the side of the Andes mountain with children that do it longer day after day. Those moments were so unique! That whole last day was my favorite!” –Amanda Cardwell
 “The entire day my group spent at the Panticalle school in the Andes mountains was my best memory—I am truly unable to pick just one moment. When we first walked up to the school that takes most students 1-3 hours to get to, I kept thinking these people have nothing; no running water, no electricity, long journeys to and from school or work and a hard, laborious life. The majority of people I live and work with will never know life such as this.  However, as I walked away I realized everything these people did have; an eagerness to learn, generosity of spirit and a deep-seeded love for their environment. I am humbled, in awe and full of love and respect for these people and their culture…their mountains…and their smiles.” –Erin Pille
“Sitting at Machu Picchu on a ledge, relaxing and taking in the view.” –Rebecca Carroll
“My favorite memory of our trip was participating in the actividad vivencial “trilla de habas de trigo y cebada” in Sullca. Giving our thanks to the apus, or mountains, burning coca leavings, drinking chicha and eating lunch at the tia’s house are memories that will stay with me forever.”
--Cabrina Bosco
“I would have to say giving the gifts to the students as payment for food at Rural School #56022 in the Andes.” –Dr. Kyle Ingle
“The moment that had impacted me the most, by far, was the trip to the Panticalle school. It had impacted me in a way that I cannot find a parallel. Ironically, it was a brief trip, but the one I cherish the most. I feel privileged of being welcomed to this school and children, privileged of sharing their happiness, privileged of being able to be part of their lives, now, as they have it. Never felt more privileged in my life.” –Dr. Oscar Aliaga
--Erin Pille

In Paticalle: Yacha (elders) and children

Traditional ceremony in Sullca

Schools in Cusco

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